The AdCheck Team

The AdCheck team are all dedicated Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (TGAC) compliance experts.

Most of our Advertising Compliance Consultants have worked as Advertising Services Managers at Consumer Healthcare Products Australia, previously delegated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to provide mandatory pre-approvals of therapeutic goods advertising to consumers.

They have extensive experience assessing the compliance of therapeutic goods advertising, and continue to provide training on the regulatory environment around therapeutic goods advertising with representatives of the TGA. They have also completed the relevant training for providing TVC classifications.

Find out more about the AdCheck team, and the depth of their experience below

Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher

Kevin has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, across three continents, including 10 years managing and advising on compliance issues.

Bringing with him a wealth of first-hand, industry-specific knowledge, Kevin not only understands the practical importance and commercial value of compliance for product sponsors, but also the attitudes and expectations of regulators.

Kevin’s strong credentials and industry insights have seen him present at compliance conferences in the UK and Europe, and served on the Code of Practice Education sub-committee of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Human Physiology and Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Cape Town, and a Master of Business Administration from the Edinburgh Business School.

Leenus Arul Mariathas

Leenus Arul Mariathas

Formerly a Pharmacist practicing in primary health, Leenus has an exceptional understanding of consumers’ health needs, spending habits, expectations of industry behaviour, and rising cynicism in traditional institutions.

Having seen the effect negative publicity can have on a brand and the choices consumers make, particularly when it comes to non-essential products like OTC and complementary medicines, Leenus understands advertisers need a reliable solution to help mitigate their compliance risks.

Leenus holds a Bachelor of Medical Science and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Technology. This scientific background combined with Leenus’ thorough knowledge of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code means he can provide more comprehensive, informed and nuanced advice to help advertisers address complex compliance issues.

Emily Ma

Emily Ma

As a pharmacist, Emily has a deep insight of the need for responsible advertising to help improve the quality use of medicines and health outcomes for all Australians.

She has had first-hand experience of the impact that advertising has on a consumer’s choice of healthcare products and understands the importance and value of compliant advertisements for therapeutic goods.

Emily holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney. With her comprehensive knowledge of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, Emily has the skills not only to identify compliance issues, but also to support advertisers in ensuring that their advertisements meet regulatory standards while delivering a competitive edge.

Josie Braid

Josie Baird

Josie has worked at CHP Australia since 2012 and brings a rare perspective to her role having had extensive experience in both complaints handling and pre-approval of therapeutic goods advertising.

With over 6 years’ experience as the Executive Administrator for the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Council (TGACC) and Complaints Resolution Panel (CRP), Josie has extraordinary insights into how the regulator has developed, interpreted and applied various versions of the TGAC.

Additionally, her comprehensive knowledge of the history of therapeutic goods advertising complaints provides her with a deeper understanding of the trends, common issues, and nuances in advertising claims and representations.

When combined with her experience as a provider of mandatory pre-approvals, Josie has the skills and expertise to help advertisers responsibly balance the need for creative cut-through with regulatory compliance obligations.