CHP Australia backs AMA’s call to action on health misinformation

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia today echoes the Australian Medical Association’s call for action to tackle health misinformation on the internet and social media, and welcomes their Position Statement on Health Literacy.

CHP Australia has previously advocated for the development of a robust strategy to combat health misinformation, and that increased and ongoing investment should be provided to improve Australia’s health literacy.

We reiterate those calls today.

Abstract from CHP Australia’s response to the National Preventive Health Strategy Consultation Paper – September 2020

“Considering the evolving power and influence of social media in disseminating information and shaping public opinion and perception, a robust and responsive strategy to combat health misinformation must form part of our health literacy and preventive health frameworks.”

 CHP Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Deon Schoombie, explains

“Health literacy affects an individuals’ ability to discern what is genuine health information and to identify misleading information sources, heavily impacting Governments’ and health authorities’ ability to manage and protect public health.”

“The evolving power and influence of social media mean a robust strategy to combat health misinformation and disinformation is required.”

CHP Australia is committed to improving Australia’s health literacy and continues to work with policymakers, health experts, and other stakeholders to address this important challenge.