Empowering Australia towards better health - new research from CHP Australia identifying the health needs, behaviours and priorities of everyday Australians, and the opportunities to empower Australians in their health through greater self-care.

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Greater self-care and health literacy are vital if Australia is to foster a more health resilient and empowered population.

Knowing where to find, interpret and use information and health services to make effective decisions has never been more important. Self-care empowers and supports individuals to take their health into their own hands, and fosters a more resilient health population.

The national survey conducted among 2,000 adults explores Australia's changing health needs and priorities, and emphasises Australians' capacity and enthusiasm to take greater responsibility for, and interest in their health.

What knowledge, perceptions, and behaviours do Australians have around managing self-care, general health literacy, and the role of digital health and pharmacists?