Embed self-care in national health policy - CHP Australia Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

3 February 2020 –

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia calls for responsible self-care to be embedded as a fundamental component of Australia’s national health policy.

On releasing CHP Australia’s Pre-Budget submission for the 2020-21 Federal Budget, CEO Dr Deon Schoombie today explained how self-care can assist policymakers and healthcare professionals to engage Australians in the proactive management of their health.

“Self-care encourages individuals to take greater personal responsibility for, and interest in, their wellbeing through better lifestyle choices, risk avoidance, responsible use of medicines, diet and exercise.”

“Greater self-care, empowered by adequate health and medicines literacy, also helps individuals use scarce healthcare resources optimally.”

“Annually in Australia, it is estimated, for self-treatable conditions there are between 232,507 and 922,012 unnecessary visits to emergency departments at a cost of AUD124.5 to AUD493.8 million.”

“These costly medical interventions could be managed more efficiently through responsible self-care, with sufficient advice and oversight available from a pharmacist where necessary.”

CHP Australia’s Pre-Budget Submission outlines how evidence-based initiatives focused on enhancing responsible self-care, health literacy and access to medicines are fundamental to improving Australia’s health outcomes and delivering a more sustainable healthcare system.

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