Consumer engagement and self-care essential to preventive health action

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia has recommended that the National Preventive Health Strategy look to embed greater support for consumer engagement and empowerment, and self-care in all aspects of health policy and practice.

Responding to the draft National Preventive Health Strategy consultation, CHP Australia outlined how the draft Strategy’s objectives whilst admirable and necessary, will be unachievable without the incorporation of a clear, unequivocal, and systemic focus on engaging the consumer in prevention. Emphasising how:

  • consumer engagement and participation in good health is pivotal to sustained preventive health action,
  • greater self-care is the most effective and equitable vehicle to guide, enhance and strengthen preventive health action, and
  • structural and cultural changes to our health and care systems are required to support greater consumer participation in prevention, and empower individuals to take greater ownership and responsibility for their health outcomes.

 CHP Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Deon Schoombie, explains

“Enabling and supporting greater self-care and consumer participation in prevention should be defining characteristics of Australia’s health care systems, services, and supports.”

“COVID-19 has clearly illustrated how engaging consumers in their health management and empowering them with the knowledge and skills required to prevent disease and infection, is essential to reducing preventable health problems.“

“Self-care is a comprehensive, evidence-based, and complementary component of health that, if properly supported, could be one of the strongest foundations for policymakers and HCPs to rely upon to enhance preventive health awareness, engagement, and action. “

CHP Australia’s responses to the draft National Preventive Health Strategy consultation are available HERE.