CHP Australia has three categories of Membership:


Ordinary Membership is held by manufacturers and sponsors of consumer healthcare products, which includes non-prescription medicine ("over-the-counter" (OTC) and complementary). An Ordinary Member's annual subscription (membership) fee is calculated from annual turnover in appropriate product categories. Click here to view brochure. Click here for application form.

Associate Membership is held by agencies, firms, consultancies and companies that supply goods or services to our Ordinary Membership. Though Associates are not voting members, they do enjoy most of the other benefits of CHP AustraliaI membership and sit on subcommittees and teams. The Associate Membership subscription fee is now based on the number of employees in your company. Click here to view brochure. Click here for application form.

Honorary Life Membership is granted to individuals who have rendered distinguished service to CHP Australia or the industry. These members are elected by the CHP Australia Board.