Common-sense prevails for Australian-made complementary medicines

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today welcomed the announcement by the Coalition Government that complementary medicines manufactured in Australia, in production facilities regulated by the TGA, will be able to make the claim 'Australian made' and use the Australian Made logo.

The 'Australian-made' logo is an emblem of Australia's high-quality products, manufacturing processes and regulation of the complementary medicines industry.

If a complementary medicine is manufactured here in Australia, it's made in Australia - and as such, local industry should rightly be able to make this claim. Common-sense has prevailed after recent changes undermined our important Australian complementary medicine export market. Exports of complementary medicines now exceed $930m in value.

ASMI commends the government on establishing the Complementary Medicine Taskforce and finding a solution to this unintended consequence from the Country of Origin labelling reforms. The changes need to be implemented as soon as possible to provide certainty for the complementary medicines industry.

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