Time for dedicated funding to support greater self-care

1 February 2022 –

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia has called for the establishment of a dedicated Self-Care for Health Development Fund, arguing that greater self-care has the capacity to strengthen health resilience and support the long-term sustainability of healthcare funding. 

In their 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission, CHP Australia outlines how self-care can be a game changer for public health, and backs calls for $10M to fund three complementary, grant based, self-care initiatives.

Research shows that:

  • self-care helps foster more independent and empowered healthcare consumers,
  • empowered health consumers, who take greater ownership of their journey, achieve better health outcomes, and
  • individuals who lack the skills to undertake self-care effectively incur higher health service costs.

CHP Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Deon Schoombie, explains,

“Empowering individuals to take greater responsibility for their health management and outcomes should be a defining characteristic of Australia’s health and care systems, services, and supports.”


“Through prioritising greater self-care, policymakers can help all Australians become informed advocates for, and active participants in their own health.”


“However, dedicated, ongoing funding for initiatives that enhance consumer and HCPs self-care capabilities is required if Australia is to capitalise on the health, economic and productivity benefits available through greater self-care.”

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia’s 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission is available HERE.